In addition to the various support programs available to BCBA members, our association also maintains close working relationships with organizations throughout the nation that also assist the global business community.


Connecting with your industry online will help you keep up to date with events. You can also sign up to online newsletters from industry associations and other businesses and receive regular updates about BCBA events and opportunities.


Learn more about promoting your business at trade shows and exhibitions. Get into the habit of regularly attending breakfasts, seminars, lectures and lunches that are held by our groups. You can invite others in your field or from Barcelona area to attend as well.

If you’re feeling confident, you might consider sponsoring one of our events for people in your industry, or even one for an industry that many of your clients or suppliers are from.


For a business owner, the opportunity to participate in BCBA can be as much of a personal consideration as a business decision. Our association holds dinners and special events for our members, giving them chances to meet with their peers and enjoy the company of fellow entrepreneurs. Participation in our association may also serve as a social expectation in a community where business owners know one another through work as well as outside of it.


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